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Coming Soon: Prince of Peace Warehouse Sale!!

We are excited to announce that our biannual warehouse sale event will be held at various locations this winter. Our warehouse sale events attract hundreds of shoppers to come every year to purchase high-quality authentic Wisconsin ginseng. American ginseng has been used by Asians for centuries for its many health benefits in Asian herbal theory. A Mayo Clinic Cancer Center-led study found that high doses of the herb over two months reduced cancer-related fatigue in patients more effectively than a […]

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Jumbo Fresh Wisconsin Ginseng Pre-order available!

Fall is here, and it’s the harvest time for Wisconsin ginseng. We know that our fans love our fresh Wisconsin ginseng, and last year, they were sold out in half an hour!  In order to secure the inventory for you, we would like to invite you to pre-order from us. If you would like to pre-order our 5-year old fresh Wisconsin American ginseng roots ($50/lb), please fill out the form below by 10/15/2019. Our fresh ginseng can be stored unopened […]

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American Ginseng Walnut Stew

Wisconsin American Ginseng is rich in ginsenoside and is a perfect herb for wellness. Ingredients: 2 Prince of Peace® American Ginseng tea bags 80 grams walnuts 10 grams Prince of Peace® Organic Goji berries 5 pices red dates Rock sugar and milk to taste Directions: Wash walnuts and red dates. Remove the seed from the red dates. Crush walnuts and red dates, mix together to become a paste, set aside. Pour 500ml of water in a pot, put the Prince […]

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American Ginseng Tea Egg

Wisconsin American Ginseng is rich in ginsenoside and is a perfect herb for wellness. Ingredients: 4 Prince of Peace® American Ginseng tea bags 10 gram Prince of Peace® Pu’er tea 10 eggs Seasoning: 2 pieces Star anise ½ tablespoon coarse salt 2 tablespoons soy sauce Directions: Put the eggs in a deep pot, pour in water, and simmer for twenty minutes, remove the eggs and put into cold water. Then gently crack the eggshell (do not remove eggshell.) Place the […]

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American Ginseng Ribs with Chinese Yam

Wisconsin American Ginseng is rich in ginsenoside and is a perfect herb for wellness. Ingredients: 18 grams Prince of Peace® American Ginseng Slices 10 grams Chinese yam 10 grams Prince of Peace® Goji Berries 1 lb spare ribs 1 piece ginger 1 bunch green onions cut Seasoning: ½ teaspoon salt 1 tablespoon dark soy sauce 1 tablespoon white wine 1 tablespoon sugar Directions: Cut Chinese yam into small pieces and soak them with water. Wash the Prince of Peace® Goji […]

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American Ginseng Chicken Mushroom Soup

Wisconsin American Ginseng is rich in ginsenoside and is a perfect herb for wellness. Ingredients: 1 Chicken Drumstick, skin removed 5g of Prince of Peace® American Ginseng Root 10 dried Shitake Mushroom A few dried Goji Berries A small portion of Astragalus ½ tea spoon Rice Wine Method: Wash the drumstick then blanched in boiling water for a few minutes, rinse and set aside. Wash and soak the shiitake mushroom in the water until they become soft. Rinse the dry […]

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Prince of Peace American Ginseng Roots Sold in NorCal Costco

Prince of Peace was proud to have its American Ginseng Roots sold at select stores at Northern California in Dec 2018. Prince of Peace is the leader of American ginseng brand in the US and has been selling genuine Wisconsin American ginseng roots and teas for decades. Being one of the most trusted brands, Prince of Peace’s American ginseng products are certified by the Ginseng Board of Wisconsin, thus bears its eagle seal as a mark of authenticity. Due to […]

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The Ginseng Festival Winners are…

The 2018 International Wisconsin Ginseng Festival brought a lot of excitement to Wisconsin this past month. We were thrilled to be part of it and heard a lot of great feedback from the locals. As the biggest American ginseng brand and the distributor of the Ginseng Herb and Co-op, Prince of Peace is proud to give out 200 prizes to the winners of our Ginseng Festival Lucky Draw! Let’s check out the prizes below and see if you are one […]

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Prince of Peace American Ginseng Teas is Available in NorCal, SoCal and Texas Costco

Our Prince of Peace American Ginseng Teas is sold at select stores at Northern California, Southern California, and Texas Costco now! Good deal in a limited supply!   Get your share before they’re all sold out! The full list of the Costco locations that carry our Wisconsin American Ginseng Teas: Northern California: San Francisco El Camino South San Francisco Mountain View Sunnyvale North San Jose San Jose Almaden Great Oaks Fremont San Leandro Elk Grove Concord South Sacramento Southern California: Los […]

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Tiger Balm Brand Spokesperson

Tiger Balm U.S. Signs Olympic Gold Medalist Christian Taylor as Brand Spokesperson   Triple-jump champion to promote world-renowned pain reliever in person and on social media HAYWARD, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Tiger Balm U.S. ( has finalized an endorsement deal with Olympic triple-jump champion Christian Taylor. “I compete against some of the best athletes in the world and am constantly pushing myself to perform at the highest levels possible” A standout track and field athlete, Christian Taylor set state high school records in […]

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