Prince of Peace American Ginseng Roots Sold in NorCal Costco

Prince of Peace was proud to have its American Ginseng Roots sold at select stores at Northern California in Dec 2018.

Prince of Peace is the leader of American ginseng brand in the US and has been selling genuine Wisconsin American ginseng roots and teas for decades. Being one of the most trusted brands, Prince of Peace’s American ginseng products are certified by the Ginseng Board of Wisconsin, thus bears its eagle seal as a mark of authenticity.

Due to the climate, soil and growing method, Wisconsin American ginseng contains the highest level of ginsenosides compared with its Canadian or Chinese grown counterparts. Prince of Peace’s Wisconsin American ginseng is also tested by independent labs and is proven to meet FDA and USDA’s food safety standard.

Prince of Peace’s ginseng roots were very popular and were sold quickly in Costco. Currently this product is out of stock, and we are looking into future opportunities to introduce various ginseng products into the Costco store. For the latest information, please like our facebook page.

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