Our President


Our President, Kenneth Yeung, was born in the town of Shantou, in Guangdong province, in southern China.  He entered the University of Hawaii to study Sociology, and earned a Master of Social Work degree in 1974.  He established Prince of Peace® Enterprises, Inc. in the U.S. in 1985.  His down to earth personality, honesty and diligence have brought him a great deal of business success.  He has also brought this kind of work ethic to his group of companies, forming a unique company culture around his often repeated ideals of “caring and honesty.”


Accomplishments of Mr. Kenneth Yeung

– Establishment of Prince of Peace® Enterprises Inc., Global Marketing Associates Inc., & New Jamaican Gold Inc.

– Founder of “Showers of Blessings” TV Ministry, USA

– Founder of POP’s Foundation in the U.S., and Prince of Peace Children’s Home in Tianjin, China

– Award winner of the First Chinese Charity Awards of China

– Overseas Representative, 10th National Committee of CPPCC

– Honorary President, the Teo Chew Community Centre Inc. of Northern California

– Honorary Chairman, the Chinese Herb Trade Association of Northern California.

– Member, Republican Eagles Club, USA

– Winner of the U.S. Chinese Business Charity Award



His Sharing

“It’s such a pleasure to see the opening of China, the improved livelihood of the people, and the rapid expansion of the Chinese consumer market.

Having been overseas for nearly four decades, I’ve longed to bring Prince of Peace® products to China to share with my fellow people.  With an eye on the rich natural and human resources in Mainland China, we decided to build commercial bridges between China and the world; on the other hand, to be the ambassadors of peace, in promoting the rich culture of China to the international audience.

Foreign investments can benefit the Chinese domestic market, as well as bring local products to markets overseas.  At the moment, our priority would be given to the building of our distribution networks, and a team of dedicated staffs in China; that our excellent service will meet the international challenge, and the quality control of our productions will establish a superb brand and gain a competitive edge in the international marketplace.

We know it’s not going to be easy to build a platform in China, but we pledge to do our very best.  With what we’ve accomplished in the last 25 years, we are confidently looking forward to another great era of serving our consumers with premier products – promoting health and good life.”





Mr. Kenneth Yeung