POP’s Foundation

The People’s Republic of China accounts for about 1.3 billion people. According to the general statistics in the Republic of China, the city orphanages house more than 16,000 orphaned and abandoned babies not including the ones in the countryside. From these statistics, one can easily see that there is a vast need to be met in in the realm of the orphans, orphanages, and the adoption processes within China.

Knowing the need for orphans and abandoned children to find loving homes, and be provided for with food and adequate medical provisions, Kenneth Yeung, President of Prince of Peace® Enterprises, Inc., set out to gather resources and information on how to help. In 1994, he began to fulfill a long awaited dream in the field of social work. Concurrently with his own adoption experience, he began to take steps to further the United States involvement in helping these needy children and POP’s Foundation was born.

POP – a child’s term for dad. We would like to refer to the Big POP. A God that loves all his children and whom we all can belong. POP’s Foundation was created to bring the love of God to orphans and families. With bilingual abilities, and cultural understanding, we are an organization established to fill various needs in the United States and aid children in China.

Mission of POP’s Foundation:

  • To finance the Prince of Peace Children’s Home in Tianjin, in order to have a warm and harmonious environment for growth.
  • To help groups affected by wars, calamities and difficulties in life.
  • To promote with other organizations that help the adopted children and the needy, in order to develop harmonious societies.

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