Brands & Products

Since 1985, our own brand of Prince of Peace® products has been established and now Prince of [email protected] has been diversified with a wide range of quality products to suit different needs of consumers.

Prince of [email protected] product series cover : (1) Wisconsin American Ginseng Root,  (2) Wild American Ginseng Root,   (3) Wisconsin American Ginseng Root Tea Bag, (4) Wisconsin American Ginseng Root Tea Bag with Honey , (5) Wisconsin American Ginseng Root Floral Tea Bag,  (6) Wild American Ginseng Root Tea Bag, (7) Wild American Ginseng Instant Tea, (8) Wisconsin American Ginseng Root Candies, (9) American Herbal Tea Bag, (10) Herbal Instant Tea, (11) Organic Chinese Tea, (12) Korean Ginseng Tea Series, (13) Indonesia Ginger Chews, (14) Gourmet Products

Wisconsin American Ginseng

Prince of Peace® has been the market leader in the market of American Ginseng products in the USA for 30 years. Our exclusive 100% use of Wisconsin American Ginseng, has earned the complete confidence of consumers looking for American Ginseng products. Prince of Peace® is the name you can trust.

The Greek word "Panax" of Panax quinquefolius (American Ginseng) means "all-heal".  American Ginseng was discovered by a French missionary in North America, & introduced to China during the early Ching Dynasty. However, its benefits & applications were discovered by Chinese doctors over 300 years ago.

Prince of [email protected] Wisconsin American ginseng consists of high content of ginsenosides which help to strengthen immune system and reduce physical fatigue. The root has refreshing taste and smell. For people with busy lives and working day and night, it is vital to strengthen their health, particularly against smoking and lack of sleep.

According the study from Mayo Clinic Cancer Center in USA in 2012, Wisconsin American ginseng appears to help relieve the fatigue. Researchers studied 340 people with cancer and divided them into two groups. Half took a placebo and the other half took capsules with American ginseng root. After eight weeks, the fatigue scores improved by 20 points in the ginseng group versus only 10 points in the placebo group.

Prince of [email protected] Wisconsin American ginseng roots are inspected and complied with U.S. FDA and EPA standards, ensuring good product quality and protecting consumers’ health. They are supplied in roots, slices, powder and tea bags to meet consumers’ needs.