New Zealand Honey

Prince Gold® Clover Honey:
Natural Clover Honey is producesd from clover flowers in New Zealand’s lush green pastures.  Its sweet delicate flavor has made it a New Zealand favorite and a jar of clover honey can be found in nearly every home.  Prince Gold® Clover honey is produced from the clover flower, which is New Zealand’s most popular and widely spread pastoral plant. The honey is a light golden colour and has a mild sweet flavour.

Prince Gold® Manuka Honey:
Manuka honey is produced from the Manuka tree – a native New Zealand tree. The honey is dark in colour and has a strong distinctive flavour. Can be eaten from the spoon, used as a spread or added to cooking or hot drinks.

Prince Gold® Kamahi Honey:
Natural Kamahi Honey is produced by bee’s in New Zealand’s pristine forests, Kamahi Honey contains minerals and trace elements essential to your daily diet.