Ginger Honey Crystal, Dong Quai & Red Date, 太子牌姜王晶, 太子牌當歸紅棗茶
A rapidly growing favorite Prince of Peace product is our Ginger Honey Crystals. It has the natural benefits of Ginger and Honey in this special proprietary blend. This instant beverage has an exquisite smooth taste, appealing aroma, and contains antioxidants. Instantly soluble, convenient, and has no artificial additives. You’ll love the natural sweet and spicy herbal flavor! This hot beverage is a great way to warm your body on a cold day. Ginger is known to have many health benefits. This product is available in a 10 count box and 30 count bag.

Another instant crystal product is our Dong Quai & Red Date Instant Tea. Dong Quai has been referred to as “female ginseng”. Red Date is neutral and warm in nature with a sweet taste. Although, Dong Quai is an herb primarily taken by females, men can enjoy this tea too. It is traditionally believed to have many health benefits. Prince of Peace also carries a few more instant crystal beverages, please see the Herbal Tea category for these items.