Han’s Honey Loquat Syrup:
Han’s Natural Honey Loquat Syrup™ is a supreme quality Chinese traditional soothing beverage, reverently prepared according to an ancient Chinese herbal formula of the Han Dynasty (25A.D)  Loquat is the yellow, pear-shaped, edible fruit of a small tree, Eriobotrya Japonica, native to Asia, now also commonly grow in California.

Poon Goor Soe Pei Pa Lo:
Pei Pa Lo, a traditional Chinese Formula, used for the relief of cold, cough and soothing of sore throat.

Beijing Tong Ren Tong Fritillary & Loquat syrup:
Beijing Tong Ren Tong Fritillary & Loquat Syrup provides temporary relief of coughs and sore throat associated with common cold, influenza or similar ailments.  Fritillary and Loquat Syrup is also effective for temporary relief for symptoms of bronchial cough and thinning of voice.

African Sea – Coconut  Syrup:
African Sea Coconut Syrup is a traditional Southern Chinese herbal cough syrup, very popular in South East Asia, Indonesia, Malaysia, and among immigrants from those regions who live in the United States. All of the ingredients are tinctures and extracts of expectorant herbs and roots.  It helps to relief of cough and loosening phlegm.