Prince of Peace Loquat Candy

Prince of Peace® carries a variety of different favor of honey loquat candy. Honey and loquat are recognized to be effective of their soothing and restoring properties.

Fisherman’s Friend is a brand recognized around the world, known to be effective for relieving cough and sore throat. Its consumers enjoy the benefits and taste of the different lozenges available to them.

Ricola’s herb speciality range is made from the finest natural ingredients and is well known for its soothing, refreshing and good tasting properties. Ricola has developed its own gentle processes for extracting the essence...

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Han’s Honey Loquat Syrup:
Han’s Natural Honey Loquat Syrup™ is a supreme quality Chinese traditional soothing beverage, reverently prepared according to an ancient Chinese herbal formula of the Han Dynasty (25A.D) ...

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New Zealand Honey

Prince Gold® Clover Honey:
Natural Clover Honey is producesd from clover flowers in New Zealand’s lush green pastures.  Its sweet delicate flavor has made it a New Zealand favorite and a jar...

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